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Then, later in life, we wonder why our relationship is falling apart, when we did our best, and seems to find easy answers.Start taking this decision, it may want to take a good look at the situation and feel how much pain you feel the relationship.If the relationship is very important to you, you must decide if you are happy to live without love, passion, intimacy, affection, and even combine sex.It will take the first step to create the kind of relationship you want and love in your life.We are not saying that you should abandon your current relationship or marriage, and go looking for a new love of your life. This decision, which should be done by a certain prudence and thought.We tell you that life is too short to spend without you want to love and love that we all can.If you have a relationship that makes you wonder at work or should I go, it is important that you take a little ‘time to get clear so that you can ask yourself honestly and openly challenges so on appeal.The question ‘If you stay or should you go? ‘Certainly a big decision.It could be the most important decision in your life. And ‘a decision that absolutely, positively want to be sure. It is a decision that you do not want to regret it later. Do not want to take very long either. . .Therefore, you might consider picking up a copy of the book and audio program ‘you should be or should be?

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