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If you use this marketing tool,you can always save money by buying cards after occasions, in order to maintain the quantity and the value for the next year.If you are using a residence cleaning company that is successful, then you can consider giving, to offer their services for the cleaning of offices and other commercial buildings. Cleaning offices are a little different than cleaning houses. Some buildings, such as an office, and the owner can ask you to come every night, while others want their office cleaned during the weekend. Here are some of the features that it offers cleaning services to commercial offices should pay attention to take a decision. * Should work? When you are traveling in the cleaning of offices, so that you can start to look a little at the office as a potential customer, although some require cleaning skill. For example, in a health clinic or dentistry may require certain areas to be sterilized or could have special instructions for hazardous waste disposal. May be specialized cleaning skills that you can learn, but it may not be a service to provide, if you do not have any previous experience. * Detergents, If you already own a home cleaning company, then it is likely that all the detergents you need. At the time of the signing of new clients, is the capacity need of cleaning, and products of the site on which you want to use. If you have your own cleaning products, so it will also save you time in cleaning of the building, from offices, because they take away if you clean your equipment all the time, if it has been programmed in such a way that some of the positions. * Advertising, advertising For cleaning services of offices, you can make an announcement in a newspaper that is read by the owner of a company. Another way to find clients, take some time and distribute flyers to specific local conditions. If there is a small shopping center or a group of offices that you want to adjust, and then you can decide, with a reduction of the space, and all the owners. After all, your customers will be approximate, it also helps to reduce the travel time between the places that allow you to do more in less time. * Advertising on the web, Many companies today have a website of your own and, therefore, may be useful for you to get exposure to clients through a website that demonstrates your skills. The information Website of a few pages in the services menu, a part of the company and contact data. You have the option to include your website on all business cards and flyers. Many employees do not have the time to call you, but it might be time to review your website and learn more about you, for the first contact. * Hours of service, for example, a cleaning service of office, you need to work, can be after work hours, during the night or on the weekend.

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