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I am a technical guy – yes, I know you are absolutely sure of my speech, my blog, and my doctorate. . . . So far I have not spoken speech, the world goes. . The numbers are interesting – they convey factual information, which is more concrete. With lots of soft and more common throughout the language of the debate, I’m sure you also can the facts be a challenge. The lecture is not scientifically proven. But I saw that he appears more than once in my research. I think there is some truth.I start AMWF (West Asian man woman). 5% of the white Western women already interested in Asian men and their culture; There is a 10% of Western white women, and not interested in Asia at all, no matter how good you are. Unlike interest. It is unfair to say that Western women are strong stereotypes about Asian men. Yes, some do, but most do not. 85% is not really for or against Asians. We can not (Asian) to appear at the top of their list of the ideal partner. But do not give up. If you are going to be attractive to a man, are you inclined. Oh, and do not forget to identify and provide 10% do not feel attracted to you.

Probably not write these stories around the world to see.But again, I’m here to entertain.My name is Ning, and the three levels are not silent.Dating in America today can be cruel arena, in particular, the average American of Asian descent.That said, what can you do to move the dangerous waters?

It is online dating. . . Safety sofa you can buy for people who trade in cereal boxes.The question is. . . Against cereal box?And ‘the cold-shooting approach. . . popularized by Neil Strauss and entered popular culture, there’s this strange practice has helped me through a purely strange experiences.And, finally, it is a method of social circle. . . niche.I am going to tell you three odd, most embarrassing, but the most talked about stories of an American Asian American man.The head of Scarlet. . . negs failed. . . impure triangle. . . broken leg. . . dead animals. . . ice cream. . . and sex.December 13, 2015
If not so, because Toastmasters could not imagine becoming TEDx speaker. I began my speech when a car TEDx in 2014, because of my participation in Toastmasters. This year was a step forward. In addition to learning to talk about a specific audience that really do not understand more confidence. This is not only because confidence is a key factor in the Western ratio of women to men from the East, but also the fact that it is a factor that affects almost everything we do: friendship, work, sports, hobbies, etc.When I asked some girls how to become more attractive – I’m sure some of you have asked the same thing, I have often been vague and general statement: be yourself and be confident! Frankly, it was one of the pleasant to hear, but useless advice. What should I do differently? My experience gave me TEDx few concrete proposals.Here are my tips to be safer.Please failure positively and use it as motivation to work harder. Think of the positive face of failure is important in life – up or down. And ‘painful to accept failure, but for me, the pain persists, if I do something and give it to other major companies.

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