Uri Geller, the Man Who Bent the Spoon With His Mental Power

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The energy of money can be positive or negative. For the majority of cases, is very negative. What kind of energy is the money?

This is a very easy to understand. As he thought of the money, according to you? The feelings, positive or negative? Think of the money, for a feeling of insecurity, fear, or terror? Or one thinks, feels, money, a feeling of joy, because the joy and gratitude?

What do you think of earn money, if money is a source of positive or negative energy. Unfortunately, for most of the negative news.

This is because they believe to the deficit. I do not believe that, to do this, if a person has more money and less. This could not be further from the truth. Money is energy, and the universe is an inexhaustible source of energy. Then there is an infinite amount of money. All over the world all over the world, you could be a millionaire.

Most of which is not, in my opinion. And you?

The restrictive monetary policies to limit the flow of energy. If you try, probably in a constant struggle, problems with money.

So, what can you do?

I want a new attitude toward money.

As already said, money is energy. The money can be positive or negative. To take the position that the supply of money flowing. The money can do, and well. I repeat. Feels like money.

If you have money in a positive way and not be afraid to multiply.

Are you familiar with the expression: nature abhors a vacuum?

If you have money in a positive way, a goal, the universe is over soon, and not only free, but also a lot of people.

Then, how to get rid of money, so that is positive?

This leaves you with a sense of gratitude. Taking care of their needs and desires (yes, be good to yourself) I know that there is always more than enough. Yes, also! A little bit of money. To help you with your needs and desires. The form in which the money, the gratitude in the heart, and you will be surprised by the speed.

That is, the negative emotions, the money taken in is very important. Money is not a sign of humility, or of higher spirituality. Like a lot of money, is not a sign of greed.

You need that money. The world has need of money. There are some things that you can be. in the world who have money, not money in hand, it is possible to obtain a large amount.

Money is a personality magnifier. Taxes, the knowledge, the personality of the person, and in the world in it. A person who takes care of all men, to show even more. Greedy, selfish and bad.

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