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Visit Website Singorama 2.0 Vocal anyone learn how to sing?


I am more practical in the warmup lessons, classes, and styles. This is a very fun and interesting to see how his voice can reach up to this point. But I dont want to stop. This is my dream and I want to move to the next level.

The most important thing is that I have a voice, only a lot of money, and, popular.

No!!! I would like this strong and good voice, I, my soul, my heart and my fans. I want to sing and feel that my heart and my soul are dancing in me; also to feel lucky and to be loved. I am very happy.

Thank you for the life in the earth, and to find a to help people to their true inner voice. You helped me make your dreams reality. You are the best. You have my respect.Yes, Good Afternoon. My name is John Elsfelder. I had a lot of success with the course. I am very happy. In fact, I have been able to improve my voice, and the study of wine and a song that I wrote, and Im going to try, in this case, even at my age. Im 48 years of age, but Im going to do. And I had a great time for study, and then sent me to my music, so that you can hear that the sound is good

The course seems to be very good. I like the technology, the warming of the planet, I enjoyed it very much. It helped Me a lot. In fact, I already did what I used for the workshop. Anyway, Im willing to do for a song, and Im going to use 3 songs for Christmas, my family during the Christmas holidays on December 9, and December 16, I to the studio and record 2 songs that I wrote.

I have written 9 songs so far. I have what I want, that is the case, Im going to try the radio. All that I have heard that the love of my music, and if I had the radio will be a success. I am in this process, and this course has helped me a lot. I really, really, Im happy that I bought the course.The people that I did theatre for many, many years, both as an actor and as a coach. I have a variety of functions, and, in fact, many of the differences in the design and support jobs, but I never had the courage to audition for a movie musical. I have always sung, could find and keep a pitch, and remember melodies, but the range is limited, and the volume easily. I have always been a source of regret, because I think that, when you take a musical point of view.

Recently, Im going to enter in production, after the show, a bit of beautiful music and sang together. I thought, I was so pleased with the wonderful performances, I decided to force myself to listen to soon. But I knew that I needed help to my skills. I started training for a song, but it is slow and frustrating exercise. And then I met with the Singorama on the internet, and I decided to give it a chance.

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