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Different Kind Of Soccer Balls,Different Kind Of Soccer Cleats,Different Kind Of Soccer Kicks,Different Kind Of Soccer Shoes….Futsal is a variant of the fastest growing in the world of football. The game is played indoors on a hard surface play of defined lines. Five people playing each team and the number of substitutions is unlimited. Futsal ball used is lower than normal calcium and there is less bounce.Two main rules of the bodies of futsal, FIFA and the World Futsal Association. The biggest tournament in futsal for the Futsal Cup World Championship, held every four years. Brazil and Spain are the two countries that dominate the sport.Beach soccer player is a variation of the game of football played barefoot in the sand surface measuring 30 to 40 meters. Five players on each side, which can be replaced at any time, compete for a period of three to 12 minutes.Beach soccer player considered only as a hobby after the party officially recognized by FIFA in recent years. E ‘became a separate discipline, and now have their World Cup.Sport is due to the dramatic and powerful character, with a large number of goals per game, which is often appreciated by the acrobatic and surprising way.Futsal is a variant of the six football on its sides bounded by walls or panels, rather than the field margin. The ball can be moved directly to the cards, which makes the shot at the target, throw-ins and corners of the unnecessary and very exciting.Street Football is an informal version of football, where there are no fixed rules: you can play a number of players, there is no time limit, unless otherwise agreed, and the players can decide how to win.The street football rules is created before the game to adapt to the new game environment and can change during playback to match the new situation (eg the addition of players or district intolerance).Many of the major technical football like Maradona and Zidane are the products of the road. Rules LAX encourages creativity and playground brutality and teams to develop technical skills.


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