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Make a Marimba – Building DIY Marimbas made Easy!


The objective: create a fiveoctave marimba, without spending a fortune. The use of the products available to keep costs down. (The keys are made of oak wood, which was struck by lightning several years ago!)

I hope that this instructable will inspire others, but I want to give a word of warning. This is a very ambitious project and will probably be a year or two for the common people (like me) to complete.

Some notes on audio recording:
The marimba is played with the same hammer on the set of five octaves. for this reason, the hammer, I have chosen a little harder, the note is low, but it is a little too sweet for the most part note.By by all means, be creative! The use of the materials in the production cycle of this project, and do not be afraid to borrow power tools from your neighbor. Before you run to Lowe, the first idea, and make sure that you can use in another thing instead. As you can imagine, the total cost of the project depends largely on the manufacturer, the creativity and the availability of the products.

However, I can tell you that I am able to create my marimba with less than$200.

For now, let me say that the basic components of the marimba and the materials that you need.

Bar this is the place where it all started. The bar can make any type of content, but to be recognized as a marimba, which must be of wood. Feel free to experiment with different types of wood before construction. But it is important that the wood must be completely dry (not green). My oak came from a tree struck by lightning.

The Image is, for me, it was the next step, after the construction of the bar. The framework can be something. This includes wood or even steel. Use what you feel most comfortable with.

The Resonators Nothing difficult here. Even if the anodized aluminum is very good in PVC pipes.
The basic components of a marimba, but you will also have a unique product.
Music Tuner As you are investing in a tuner will appear on your marimba. If you want something more practical (In), and then a $ 30 tuner that will do very well.

Otherwise, if you want to force the other, the use of a strobe tuner (+$300).Preparation What do you want? You want to oneeighth, or five? It is a tool to be in a pentatonic or chromatic? When you know the notes you want to, I suggest you look at this site. I advise you to use functions evenly graduated marimba. This will make the image easier to build.

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