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I want to lose weight, so I go back with my children and I feel that they are small.I love listening to other people, because there are more depressed than men heartbroken because their weight and appearance to see.I hate him because I know firsthand how painful and depressing to look in the mirror and be happy with the way you look and feel (I will tell my story, 1 minute).And Unfortunately..this is a problem that affects many people with no signs of slowing down.America alone … .obesity and weight gain is a record of all time.According to the CDC, over 78.6 million people in the United States are obese … one in three!heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer are rising … all because of obesity.But it gets worse! Average, …effectively use only 18% of people who have a gym membershipOkay … just 18%!This means that people who are overweight and want to change, not the will, and I stopped.Because?Are you tired of failing. I tried all the diets, food supplements and crazy year “unconditional” … after only a disappointment to the left and the same body that has already begun.But you know what? nothing is missing.Everyone is able to burn a ton of fat and were made without the need for the gym to spend time “hard body”. He did not follow because they are blessed with good genetics of their parents.Heck, they failed in their effort level, or through a wall and a “no pain, no gain” mentality is a must.In reality … the people managing a little known secret to preserve, develop exercise can change the result of the body “fat furnace,” but you get lean and full body chemistry.It’s no secret that I fell on me and I will share with you today for the first time …The secret is that I learned helped my life and now a unique opportunity for their bodies to attract thousands of people must change changed. It works for you ….Let me ask a stupid question … now can not make much sense, but you see what I mean one minute.Consider a bill athlete consider?

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