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It is important that your video spirit of care and audio for the project. If distracted, anxious or consciousness is the place you can literally create a subconscious wall and will not absorb the emotional connection or create a message.All video rich mind through meditation Binaural beats result in a mix of audio tracks to create a unique sound quality. Binaural beats are a kind of telepathy that was in the middle of 1800. The sounds are played at the same level of brain wave frequency. Binaural beats are added to take into account the specific instructions for each display the rich frequency brainwave mind. Brain Wave frequency to enjoy the emotional state of mind, the subconscious easy audio and video programs to be positive.Fear, anxiety, stress, relaxation, love, happiness and mental state of all that can be read binaural beats brainwave frequencies.Most films used in addition to express your subconscious writing, visual controls that appear on the screen very quickly. sound conscious acts as a kind of hypnosis, train your mind to the audio controls to speak directly to the unconscious, to gradually change the thinking, attitudes, values, and even behavior. unconscious completely bypass the mind and work directly with the subconscious level can match the desired effect. A subliminal commands proposals consciousness.Although similar allegations, subliminal commands spoken, written in the third person, and can be repeated to herself. subliminal commands are more effective when combined with a form of meditation audio and video, and that’s why they are integrated into the video.

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