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.I do not know, but I realized the fact that the time spent on the Internet has grown in the last two years. Between 2008 and 2009, I’m so busy in my work for all part-time and evening, the Internet was just ‘part’ of the night, when I was looking for something I was aware of Google, linked by social networks friends or just have fun for a while to watch a video on YouTube, etc ,, so basically my Internet use is very low, while you work, study, exercise, fitness, or with friends and party. So basically, there was not much space to spend disproportionate time on the Internet. But I think a big change in my use of the Internet in 2010, when the recently discovered a new amazing Internet source for all kinds of information that helped me to keep you informed about many areas. Also, I created an account on Twitter and Facebook to use my account I started running more frequently. I forgot about the list that have not started blogging in 2010, which greatly increases my Internet. So to make a long story short. . . In 2010, the Internet was not only good for me now. . . It was part of my daily life.

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