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This includes the process of communication, the process of intake, process and risk management, etc…… in the people: the people are the most important factor that determines the success or failure of the project. I’ve seen a lot of the time propose a project of failure, which is mainly caused by man. So, to begin with the first question about the project, ask them if they are the BEST team and the members of the project team. A lot of time to the project manager, project team, and, sometimes, assumes, what is worse, he got a group of misfits in the recovery of human resources. As was to be expected with the project team, in order to be successful, if not the best pc players on your computer? Have you ever seen the football manager, the worst player on the team that he represented, to participate in a tournament? No! One of the most important ingredients for success is a member of the selection staff. Remember, it is always the choice of the best players on the project team. The next step is to ensure that the computer is able to function as a computer with most people. Therefore, the process of building a computer is very important at this time. Project manager must know the concept of group dynamics and how to develop team work between all members of the team.It is not always with software to manage the project, the book is a practical, easy-to-read, and a full bar, ready for the use of the script. Andrew Stellman and Jennifer Greene recent book, ” the software application project management Software. There are many books on project management, system development programs, are dry, complex and boring, but this book is not one of them. It was a pleasure to read, because his writing style is clear, but simple, and the authors describe things in detail. It seems that to understand your audience and write in a way that is very useful and practical. In fact, they have to achieve. The first part of the book describes the tools and techniques that can be applied to the project. The design, calculation, programming, correction, requirements, design, programming and testing, which is a Chapter to itself. The second part of the project, the management and the efficient and chapters on understanding change, management and leadership, project management, outsourcing, and process improvement. A clear thread throughout the book is the description of the problems associated with standard computer-software-project-side: the lack of requirements, management of change, the lack of quality assurance in each stage of the project, a series of tests and correction of errors in cycles, tensions and misunderstandings between developers and business users.

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