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Believe me, the good plan of savings of 15 to 20 minutes a day is all you need to bet like a professional, my method takes 15 to 20 minutes per day to protect your investment. It takes about 5 minutes select favorite horses, which then. a set of rules, which you Can then spend about 15 minutes on each of these favorites through the rules and end up with multiple investment security, day-to-day. Then, you can put your bets at your local betting agent on the Internet or in the songs and the rest of the day!!! All that is required to apply the rules of the game of horse racing for a newspaper or any other source of base statistics of the races (such as the Internet or betting guides provided at betting agents). Due to the betting options the safest and easiest way to win at horse racing betting… is so safe and easy that most of my clients tell me that it is almost UNFAIR! When you bet on a good rate of non-favorites, you are effectively betting against the odds. But some of the favorites that have passed, it is possible to put the rules, since then, to put the odds in YOUR favor in a very good way. It is arrogant, as I have done in the decade of the ’90, when my system (which is a bit annoying), Before the Internet and the telephone has been based on the game, I had all my games, paris. And since the whole world has been able to place their bets, after a race, especially at the end of the week, long queues in the payment window, in the waiting room. I was so sure that all the horses are selected, the benefits will be, because my system that I have used of the line of the payment window, even before the race began. And guess what …I think I’m going to win my lady, I’m crazy! But after the withdrawal of a couple, you know a hundred dollars in just a couple of days, I mean every time, when I was in the queue. You can see my system in short form, goes something like this: everyone knows that it is an excellent alternative to the large chance of winning the competition. But just take one, they are still very high profits. We then put these horses through a set of rules, it is possible to remove all the “risks” that you can use. Let’s finish with a set of safe favorites that have a very high probability. BUT you know what?…also, no, it’s a winning bet! Betting on a only, we can dramatically increase the odds in our favor! My partner thought I was CRAZY WHEN I STARTED the computer WITH a… “3 a year later, he uses it more than me! We are not big gamblers, we have managed to buy and pay for 2 cars, in the last few years, all bets. My night and helped me finish the job and start part-time.” Mr. and Mrs. Pottinger, Pennsylvania, united states of america-the most simple accident created this system… I don’t know, without a doubt, that my system was created by mistake, when I was done with studies in business administration at the University of gothenburg. Keep in mind that you need to understand every one of the statistics, here, is the light. My system is written in English and is easy enough for a child of 11 years. The only signal that is used to show how I came to develop your bets of race horses. This is exactly what happened: February 1992 – was my third task of statistics paper when I decided to support to win, when the odds of a favorite horse, the relationship between the ability to win the competition. Before you start a task, I know: the horse is the favorite, with 28 percent of the time, because this information is available in most of the big agencies in paris. To win, the possibility of a favorite could range from less than$ 1 and go as high as $5.6 time, But the means of payment is a strange favorite is only $1.94, which shows that, if the payment is not for the option, in order to win. For those of you that are new to horses odds simply refers to the amount of money to pay for the horse, if you win the bet. I have used the Decimal odds format here, as I’ve come to realize that the treatment that is more easy in comparison with the probability of a crime.

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