Belly Dancing Course


Learn your Dance style.
do you want the service of a belly dancing expert?
Value: $ 39.95

bonus #3-tanzübungen for weight loss, fitness and muscle tone (very hot!)

Get rid of belly dance
Episode 25 in a series of videos on bauchtanzübungen for weight loss, fitness, strength, and yoga. we need to explore movements and Techniques that will help you lose weight, build muscle, Muscle problems, in areas such as the hips, buttocks, thighs and abdomen.

together with the aerobics and belly dancing in 25 fun during the workout.
discover effective ways to lose weight and body shape!
learn how to move, a Circle, and shake it, to reduce the weight of the Gel.
isolate, move and work Muscles I didn’t know what they are!!!
you will find exercise Routines are different with the rhythm and the speed.
Burn Calories with Cardiovascular and strength Dance movements.
Value: $ 49.95

bonus #4-sexy and sensual bauchtanzvideos

sexy bauchtanzbewegungen and advice
4. focus bonus is useful, inspiring, and sensual movement in a circle.

most of the 18 videos that teach the art of oriental dance.
Art and method, to dance with the fragrances, like the sensuality, the playability, the category, and the achievements and the emotional world.
to identify himself in the shower, the Poses, the gestures and the templates of the weapons, the strength, the sensuality of the performance.
transactions can be nested, breathing with great grace and with ease.
Value: $ 29.95

bonus # 5-help with Costumes and props

Rings And Clothes Dance
in the video 20 cuts of the module, it is possible to find:

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