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For example, you can continue what you were doing when you became lucid, with the knowledge that you are dreaming. Or you can try to change everything — the dream scene, yourself, other dream characters. It is not always possible to perform “magic” in dreams like changing one object to another, or the transformation scenes. A dreamer is the ability to be able to, which seems to depend very much on the dreamer’s confidence. As Henry Ford said: “I Think that you can think of, you can, by all the way, you’re right.” On the other hand, it seems that there are some constraints on dream control that may be independent of religion. See “testing the Limits of Dream control: the Light and Mirror Experiment” for more information about this topic. 1.3 HOW ARE lucid DREAMS RELATED to out of BODY experiences (Obe)? A mysterious and controversial phenomenon sometimes occurs in which people experience the compelling sensation that they have somehow “left their bodies.” “Out of body” or “OBE” as this fascinating phenomenon is usually termed takes a variety of forms. The most typical, you are lying in bed, apparently awake, when suddenly you are faced with a series of experiments, somatic, often including vibrations, heaviness, and paralysis. Then comes the vivid sense of separation of “body” in what feels like a second body, often floating above the bed. It is important to note the distinction between the reality of the phenomenon of the order of the british empire and the various interpretations of the experience. What really happens when you feel that you’re “leaving the body”? In the school, this is what happens, in reality, is exactly what it sounds like: it is moving in a second body, the physical body the physical space. But this “explanation” is not very good on the exam. After all, the body feels (or, if you want to, bo) is a phenomenal or mental body, more than a physical body.

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