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With the state of our country, the aging of the energieversorgungsnetzes …I know that I could trust him, you can be sure that the energy of the many and many years …and if not the company, in order to get my energy for a period of 3 days and a half, a normal winter, snow storm …what would happen if the situation is more serious, there was too much time, or energy crisis happen?! Well, I don’t want to go out with my family, security and safety after the accident …and I know that if I were to stay here, I have to rely on the Big Energy Monopolies …and when you are at the end of the order, growth and energy sales, once and for all …there is only 1 real solution…”, I had to manage my house and the energy… and, therefore, my renewable green energy at home.”This way, if energy prices rise in the coming years, as most experts say, in advance.The individual parts and components that make up a system of solar panels that are very cheap! In fact, most of the large solar Panels on Business, trade, for the accommodation of parts in China, a package, and then select the solar-panel–equipment from 10 to 15 times on their cost. …Speaking as a rip-off!! But Tim white, each of the parties to the acquisition, including professional, quality, solar panel, just because of a few secret sources of dirt cheap price… But the parts that you have to buy everything that is new and of a certain quality (to the contrary of the things is most of the off-the-shelf-mini solar panels). And then, if Tim is the parts, can be very easy, to install solar panels, the system, in about an hour …which is just standard, every day, tools in hand! And this one is even better! …because Tim said that literally any person can do it easily, since, if the laws, regulations, directives, …even if you have zero experience with the technology! And that’s all you really need is a piece of cheap parts and simple hand tools with a screwdriver …and in one hour you can easily your own professional quality solar panels and have that work …and all this for only $100 dollars in coins! Well, when I heard it, I almost asked Tim me all about teaching what I knew! Fortunately, Tim is a good guy and that he’s seen, the more I want to learn about this topic …she told me to go to his house, where he showed them to me. 1. I was afraid that it would be over my head, and it is very difficult, because I have absolutely no technical knowledge. …and have had a lot of trouble trying to follow the instructions, if I have the toys for the kids. …but if Tim started to show me, step by step, exactly how does it to the professionals, the high-efficiency solar cells …I was surprised at how easy it is!

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