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We know that blood flow can be controlled instinctively using your imagination i. I spend five minutes to imagine your hands warm from the heat and you can direct more blood to your hands imagine your hands firmly on ice to cool. So you work with a qualified hypnotherapist concentrate to help control the redness.The symptoms of idiopathic severe redness in craniofacial facial flushing are: uncontrollable facial flushing without provocation empty the entire face. Hunting redness also add a considerable amount of heat, which covers the entire face.Facial flushing may occur at any time without notice. Blushing can be caused by talking with colleagues, dinner with friends, make presentations, you hit the brakes in cars, even taking communion in the Church. All these seemingly normal operations to bring a new sense of shame and humiliation of the victims face to blush uncontrollably, redness wells.A person with idiopathic redness of the skull may be one or more of the following indicators:1. Know your mind, that you are somehow ‘different’
2. The choice of a profession that makes you feel ‘safe’ (redness). Examples: The lawyers are not applicable in this case, doctors examine patients, people suffering from facial redness are those who usually work behind the scenes.Children with the disease of the facial redness to prevent people or the authority to speak in class, all activities that arouse redness. Family members and friends of people suffering from facial redness disease often blame the victim lying or is ‘guilty of something when they watch the redness of the sink.

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