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The process of divorce difficult and you need to organise further negotiations, the two parties in a contract can not be made by a lawyer not to build up a cause and fight for their needs.If a man wants a divorce, he is responsible for the destruction of a marriage. On the other hand, if a woman takes the initiative to ask for the divorce, many women’s rights organisations, to hold people responsible for forcing a woman to such a drastic measure. In addition, the law for the benefit of the wife, and the divorce is usually a situation where a man. Thus, while the media and various groups that focus on women’s rights, noted, that it is rarely the state of man, and the only one who will! On the Other side of the story, there are a lot of problems on the population as a result of a divorce. Some of them are listed below: lightning, the sky is clear: more than 90% of the cases, the divorce was presented by a woman. So, in a divorce, most of the men, presented as a shock to suddenly, fully prepared for this situation. However, your partner will be to take all the precautionary measures, and be ready for this process, in order to provide you an additional advantage. Financial responsibility: a man, a divorce costs up until the end of the period of the pregnancy. A large part of your hard-earned money, the monthly amount of maintenance and child support for the son to go in the direction shown by the example of its use is pushed to the edge of bankruptcy, to be as well ex-lawyer bill. Losing at home: in Addition to the loss of a fortune, you can be asked to go home. To punish her, she also, in an effort to your partner, many women tend to say, other elements of the balance sheet date, which will be reviewed by your partner. Guard: As in the case of failure, and the loss of the roof over your head, that is not enough, people are also a matter of concern to deny the right of their children. Even if you have given the child the right to visit, you can spend very little time with their children, and it is difficult from the point of view, the visit is not to enforce the law, if your ex support. The emotional and financial blows, the man caused so much pain that he was confused about his future.2. For your stay you can keep in touch with the regular contact with their children, provisions, pay, to support the children on a regular basis. It is not necessary, in order to avoid visits to the fear, the bitter, the common, for example, If you can do this, it would be a disservice to the children and lose the right to visit.

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