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There are many activities, as well as the conditions to be stored as absolute rate, accumulation and distribution, pip and accreting principal swap and a host of other conditions that will make your head spin. There are some programs on the net that allows you to open a demo account and give you a demo account to test your skills, then it is not necessary to use your own money. Once you have learned the techniques and black to make the transactions, it may be time to think about trading with real money. Remember that the forex can be difficult, so it would not be prudent to jump into this blindly without any instruction.You want to be successful long term forex trader? If the answer is yes, you need to know how to build your own forex trading system. When you have your own trading system, you will be able to understand and improve the business. Regardless of the market conditions become, you will come out profitable in the long term. To build a new system of trading forex, it is necessary to understand the basic components to make this work. Here are the 6 components of a trading system: 1. They are Trend Followers Focus on long-term trends – those that produce a great advantage, as it can last for many years. The trading system does not ask you to go against the current. Trends translate to big profits for you. To go against the trend means risking your money unnecessarily. For the system to build, to follow events carefully, and filter out any non-trending periods. Your system, in order to obtain the main advantages of a great trend to bring to the table. 2. They are Slow to cut Profits But Fast to cut the Losses that you’ve heard the phrase? Leave the gains and reduce losses in a hurry. This is the golden rule in all negotiations. One or two big profit trades might be all of the results for the year. This is how the market works, and the system must comply with the law. Losses always mean that you are going against the trend now and you should cut your losses quickly.

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