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Physical attraction is a quality which has been desired by human kind since the beginning of times. As we have evolved, we have mastered different ways to enhance our physical attributes. We have used different exercises designed for specific body parts to shape those parts and keep them fit, for example there are different exercises for legs, arms and other parts of our body.

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With exercise we have also turned our attention to science as a way to increase our physical attraction, because exercise may help to a point but its effects take a very long time and even after endless hours of exercising we may not be satisfied with the end result due to differing effects on different body types. So, we have shifted our focus to science in order to help us find a way that gives a satisfactory result to all body types within a specific time frame.

Many products have been launched which have claimed to be the ultimate answer to enhancing our physical attraction. Some have clearly failed to deliver as they promised while some have produced average results.

During this time one expert came forward with the name John Barban. John is a world class expert in Nutrition, Physiology, and Biology and has taught Human Performance at university of Florida. He is considered by many as world’s leading consultant in the supplement performance industry. By nature, John did not have a very muscular body and as per the words of one of his friends, John had a “Pear Shaped Body”, which was the exact opposite of a muscular one.

According to John this was one of the main reasons which compelled him to study the human body. John felt that his body shape was affecting his everyday life and was diminishing his self-confidence and constant work outs were producing zero result. This went up to a point that John decided to face his fears. He shifted his focus to human anatomy, genetics, psychology and attraction research to identify the issues and generate a product which would result in the true extraction of attractive male physical features. John’s objective was to help himself and other men achieve the perfect body shape that they desired. It is the perfect proportion of body that is attractive to all females.

John’s detailed studies of the structure of male DNA helped him to learn that every male naturally possesses the perfect proportion underneath their exteriors and this perfect proportion was named by John as “Adonis Golden Ratio”. Research has continuously been proving that this perfect ratio has been the source of attraction for women since centuries.

John’s Adonis Golden Ratio is a 12 week program that is designed to deliver your best body figure in 12 weeks’ time. It starts by helping you to take your current measurements and this measurement is called the Adonis Index. It helps you to figure out how far are you from the Adonis Golden Ratio. After measuring your specific Adonic Index, your custom 12 week training, nutrition and supplementation program starts which helps you in achieving the perfect body.

Most Important Benefits of the Adonis Golden Ratio Program

  • There are three steps in the Adonis Golden Ratio program starting from training and then moving on to nutrition and then finally to Supplementation. The mix of these three ensures perfect body shape and prevents reliance on a single source.
  • It comes with easy to use software which customizes your nutrition requirements to your Adonis Index, thus fitting your intake to your requirements. This helps you in achieving the perfect body shape by taking nutrition as required by your body. High levels of customization are perfect fit for every male’s individual body shape.
  • Adonis Golden Ratio program suggests exercises based on your Adonic Index, thus helping you to focus attention on muscles that require the most work. It also stops you from doing exercises that are adverse to your body shape.
  • It helps in matching specific foods to particular exercising routines so that maximum utilization can take place.
  • It includes instructional videos to help you maximize results from your training by providing professional tips and tricks.
  • It guides you on the most trusted supplement manufacturer, and the product that can maximize your chances of achieving the Golden Ratio.
  • It does not focus on pumping muscle wherever possible; rather it focuses on developing muscles wherever possible as per your body shape, so you can have the perfect body structure as per your body type.
  • Adonis gives you unlimited upgrades free of charge, so whenever new technologies become available to Adonis team, your software is upgraded free of charge.
  • It comes with a variety of bonus programs free of charge, such as Adonis Abs and arm assault and 7 Days out – Special Program.
  • Adonis is based on years of scientific research on the structure of male DNA, so it is completely configured to generate the perfect body structure from all body types.

What makes Adonis Golden Ratio Program different from other Programs?

The Adonis Golden Ratio program starts by measuring your Adonis Index unlike other programs which focus on a single program for all. Adonis understands that all body types have different training and nutritional requirements and prescribing the same routine to everyone can have adverse effects. This is the most important step taken by Adonis at the start and this goes out to show the extent of research and commitment that has gone behind creating Adonis Golden Ratio Program.

The commitment to helping every male achieve his Golden Ratio is also visible in the infinite number of free upgrades that are available to every user even after the program is purchased. The Adonis team keeps upgrading the software as soon as they find out any latest technology. This commitment sets Adonis way apart from other programs out there.

Adonis focuses on all aspects of an Individual’s requirements and acknowledges the fact that single-handedly exercise or supplements cannot give you the perfect Golden Ratio. Unlike other programs it combines all three routines, which are exercise, nutrition and supplementation to ensure achievement of Golden Ratio.

How To Achieve Adonis Golden Ratio

How does it Work

Adonis works in three stages. The first stage is the Training program. It starts by helping you to take your measurements. This is named as the Adonis Index. Then it suggests exercises based upon your Adonis Index, thus helping your body to develop muscles as per your body’s requirements. Instructional videos at this stage equip you with the perfect skills to make sure that your workout is completely efficient.

The next stage is the Nutrition Program. Simple Golden Ratio nutritional software is provided which suggests food intakes as per your Adonis Index so that your nutrition intake is exactly as per your requirements. Your meals and calories are all based on your Adonis Index, thus ensuring maximum output.

The next step is the Supplementation program.  A lot of supplements out there can actually have a bad effect on your body and can make you move away from the golden ratio. Adonis advises you which supplements to use that will give you the perfect body.


Some of the common questions asked by users

Q) Is the program based on supplements or training?

Adonis does not depend on a single program. It uses a combination of training, nutritional and supplementation programs to help you achieve Golden Ratio.

Q) Will this program build my overall muscles and make me look build up?

Adonis focuses on muscles that need developing in every individual and does not prescribe the same program for everyone. It also does not build up overall muscles; rather it helps in developing those muscles which are under developed as per the Adonis Index of each Individual.

Q) How long will it take till I achieve Golden Ratio?

Achieving the golden ratio depends on your Adonis Index. If you are very far from the golden ratio then it will probably take a little more time. But there is no specific number of days. You just need to follow the program and you’ll achieve the golden ratio sooner than later.

Q) I have a hectic routine. Can I still follow this program?

Yes, you just have to follow a program that fits your schedule. You can discuss this query with other member’s in Adonis forum.

Pros and Cons of Adonis Golden Ratio Program

This program is excellent for all looking for a perfect body, but there might still be a few reasons because of which its effects can be unfavorable to some.


So, where should we start? Well, this program is the best fit for anyone looking for a perfect body. It focuses on each Individual’s unique body shape and requirements, provides you with a mixture of training, nutritional and supplemental programs to help you achieve the perfect body, it gives you free lifetimes updates and free bonus material, Adonis forum is where users can discuss their experiences and queries, Adonis is created after years of scientific research so you can be assured of an excellent product, and 60 day money back guarantee is one more reason why you should go for this product.


This program is not for those looking to become big body builders. It helps in developing your muscles and giving you a perfect shape but it does not focus on giving you extra-large muscles.


Adonis Golden Ratio program differentiates itself from other programs because of its unique capabilities to focus on Individual requirements rather than a single program for all approach and is the best option for those who are looking to get a perfect body by focusing on their diet and doing exercises according to their body’s measurements.

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