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In recent years, I bought deduct up to several hundred pages, written for Super Only wholesale networks ‘pass the savings on to members of SAW in 2500 with just a click forget.Not sure SAW effect / performance ‘unique’! We offer hundreds of websites only for traffic through Super Only networks, credit security lists, viral reports and text ads exchange.Depending on the number of ads we have to work every day, it can take as little as two days, or up to 10 days to fill you all in 2500 ad clicks just forget. ‘Average’ is 3 to 5 days.The ads are the only real and publicity Only. Do people actually read the sales letter, click the ‘Click to get credit from the link in the ad just open your website in their browser. Do not eat click ensured by sending the Surf Traffic Exchange site! Neither we use ‘pop-up / pop-under’ and called ‘hit’ like other places do!We send personal Safelists directly credit ads, text ads shop List-builders, manufacturers and strakes Super Viral network so people can see you receive personal and body to click the link to view the page in your browser .Please do not send support tickets within 72 hours of anticipation when the campaign begins! Wait 72 full hours. If you have not received any clicks within 72 hours of the time, by all means, send a request for assistance. If the ad and see that it is gone, it is likely that the ad was rejected and returned to your account has been added.Some of the resources we use can take 24 to 72 hours to approve ads before moving on to their members.Only Adware House. com offers affiliate program at one level that pays you 25% commission on each purchase position for the Co-op as a personal reference. We have $ 25 minimum payment, you can replace the other Co-op ad alone or take the money and get commissions directly to your PayPal account.You can easily pay a much higher price and higher commission payments, but we just wanted to keep Adware House. com comfortable for a quarter of what other sites charge for. Individual shots – shots are different (more IP addresses) (unique) difference.The first shot – all clicks on your link. If someone goes to your link and click 6 times, you will see a click and 6/1 shot.We do not use pop ups, Pop Unders, adfly, the final version, or other low quality traffic.Link is sent to a list of prices, click real people to read our mail.URL is the URL by email. It will not be used as a ‘bonus’ or ‘PS’.We have a base of active subscribers who read each day of our email and check the products that we recommend. We add 100-500 (or more) new subscribers per day. We average 10-30 a day not registered.Therefore, every day we add at least 70-90 new ways our lists.So if you want to run more than one solo ad, as many of our customers, you can be sure that your ad is clicked by different people, as long as the ads are separated by at least another 7-14 days ‘. Yup, you read that right. When you order purchase protected solo ads, I guarantee it will change notification only son of opt-in or real, it’s free!Like you, I am sick and tiered of all commercial traffic climbing the solo shit on the Internet. Traffic because there is often not enough to change the opt-in!I mean seriously, who wants to purchase a solo ad clicks that can convert?Now, he’s crazy! . . . Why on earth should the guy who will spend money, take 100% risk when you buy an ad?

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