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A twinkle in his eye: the dirty truth about international dating – Ziti Dawkins: ‘One day, Lisa and I walked by and said,’ I want to marry. ‘I asked him that he had in mind, but zoom in church, maybe a little too fast, barreled past the pair to break through the stained glass ceiling above and fell in the first row of benches. . . ‘No fee True Love – Jim Collins: ‘You should see his Don, Vern said, I should say, can be a model, who was in Russia – one of these young brides. . He says he keeps the house spotless and rarely complain. . . ‘Trip Report – Dave Fuller: ‘seemed to lose a lot of confidence and was sorry Well, I read that he was wrong in his letter, which had none of these things, was charming, sociable, intelligent and friendly. . . . It was also very nice. . . ‘Just the beginning – a letter from my family
Rick Gilman: ‘From the beginning I thought Irina was light and sweet little girl, too, and of course I know that she was beautiful – beautiful brunette with green eyes, very thin. . . . My experience of finding a Russian bride
Greg Wilson. ‘In my personal experience to find a Russian woman began several years ago, I was at home one day to watch TV programs on a number of beautiful Russian women to show that married men were interested outside the former Soviet Union. . . ‘The other half, my soul mate
Warren D. Wheatle ‘I remember I went to my father one day on the porch to say that I think one would be or even here in Australia, but anywhere else in this great world. . And the chances of meeting ever was one in a million. . Strangely, perhaps the best way – Steve Chapple: ‘It seems somewhat unusual to meet his wife ways, but perhaps the best way to learn about someone’s personality by letters and discussions for the meeting personally, and hormones begin to influence the thoughts and decisions.

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