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I would like to use this program in the last 6 months Mike! They helped me to define my personal fitness goals that you completely lost. Lifting weights, I have learned a lot, like my body. The nutritional component helped me to find their habits and preferences. He gave me the strength I work in my body and how effective and long-term and lasting. Strength training reduce back and joint pain and helps to reduce fat and only changes the way my body shape. I feel strong, smooth, strong and masculine and sexy … not like men feel bulky. – Laura.”Weight lifting is great for me, both physically and mentally.Lifting weights is very big for me. Both physically and mentally.Not just strength training helps you lose more than 110 pounds when I was the biggest mine but gave me a release of aggression and frustration when I was a low point in my life.While heavy (and go DUR) has helped me improve my life, I am proud and it does not change anything.Mike is responsible for my program, I was able to test in safe hands and sessions, but also be fun and different, so I’m not bored. It is also apparent power (and physically), means every week improves, I am waiting for my drawing to get -. Carly J.
Mike’s education is not just a turning point in the mental game but a personal experience and to grow. Not only he broke h terrible mental blockage when it comes to my relationship with the flexible food supply, but I’ve learned that strength and beauty do not come off. I love to see my body change and the ability to unintentionally bodywork and the right diet. Do not settle for less than what or who believes in you and your goals in place! We recommend great Mike program. – Amanda H.

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