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How insects survival guide Until recently, which can support all users to see the most advanced techniques, tricks that our soldiers in the army for you and your family are protected from the crisis. In fact, there are thousands of plans and information to manage your life very easily, without fear.As a guide, you can learn about how water, medicine, a safe place to live, how canned food without using the fridge to get, how to create a flow using simple tools, how to plant where few food culture how to protect against looting, aliens and more. Of course, you can get more information in order to survive in this world without any problems come.Checklists Survival Life: The Guide is the main list, allowing you to understand the things that were necessary to protect the family and shows how to make a reservation, what food it needs to feed his family of technical advice and another for increase protection of design capacity very well.Principal S. H. T. F: In this guide, you can learn to find a safe place to keep your load, family, free of harassment and love disaster.He lost his life after the disaster: the guide describes how to overcome the crisis without fear, panic and support responsibility for maintaining security and get the techniques used by the experience of army soldiers trained.Change your life: This guide will teach you to haggle in the post-disaster, and how to keep the best solution depends on all and recommendations to reduce the survival Dan: In this guide, you can see the increase in survival tools and how to use it for yourself, your family and the family protection crises. You can get live information on all the questions, and you can teach the technique on children, family and loved ones to cope with the problems boldly.How bugs fixed properties:

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