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When I was about 18 years, so I have the courage to go to the doctor and see if I could help, how to stop blushing. When I told him blushing problem, he asked me to be embarrassed, so you can see how it was. And guess what? I could not go red!My doctor laughed and said, ‘in his head’ and have to reduce average ways to improve my blush.I can see the contract more than 6 months animals. It helped a little, but it was too expensive to keep watching, so that the left and after a few months and made me blush worse than ever!So I went back to the doctor, I could try, he sent me to a dermatologist. The dermatologist gave me medicine to treat for a few months, not much, but not enough, so he returned and tried other drugs that have worked well, but it was something bad and not even go.(This is a way to solve, how to stop blushing)I neurosurgeon dermatologist ETS surgery to stop me blush, he flatly refused and said potential side effects are reversible. I’m not worried, even though the operation was expensive and side effects could be bad, I had to take the risk.Fortunately, before doing the operation, one thing I wanted to stop blushing.At that time, I am about 20 years and had stopped completely good practice facial redness.I’m on the Internet and came across the street to try something, I find hypnosis, he seemed stupid, but I gave it a go anyway.And it worked! Blushing hypnosis cure my disability!If you try to understand how to stop blushing try anything that might harm as dangerous drugs and surgery let go of hypnosis track.It is safe and it worked for me, I have a free hand now almost 12 months, making it the ultimate cure for hunting history.If this requirement is also known as erythrophobia if you know it’s the complete torture.Blushing destroys all chances of having a social life or even a bit of life.

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