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1 Short Game Secret Coupon Code,1 Short Game Secret Review,1 Short Game Secret Have A Tour Like Short Game,1shortgamesecret.Com Coupon Code Get $10 Off,The Short Game Improvement Program..The bad news is that the traditional media, of course, and even well-meaning professionals Golf and friends are ‘programmed’ failure to inform you of the game.You have been bombarded with advice about the short game, the instructions and advice to players who have good intentions, but they give you instructions that will never really help to improve your short game. (I’ll explain why in a minute).
No wonder that many players are struggling with the short game and the lack of such confidence.
His head was full of bad advice and information that will never help you up and down like a pro, why do not you tell important information, which is necessary for a great short game.
This is bad news. But I have good news for you. . .
The good news is, I’ll tell you something, you need to build a great short game, which will help you. . . .
. . . moved almost immediately into the drive, which is great, short game confident that other players like and respect.
The truth is that we can do, there is almost nothing to do with the specialty to learn how to beat the flop shots, chip shots and run, high leg kick. . . or one of the things that other golf instructors say.
y name is Jeff Richmond, and I’m Leadership continuous line of the golf school. Until about five years, I struggled with the short game. I mean, I really struggled!I would have shot any way and I’d be scared stiff I’d be fat or thin to make me look like a fool.I have a piece of chip shots. Hit pitching shots grease the ball right in front of me, or thin, it means the spindle. At other times, he would hit the road to the left front of goal. So the next corner I hit the ball the right way. I leave the ball in the bunker at once.
So my comrades had no respect for my short game and I did not have much respect for yourself. I felt a little stupid incompetent.
Such problems in the short game can happen to everyone. . .
You see, I’m a ball game hits very strong (pro standard), but my short game was far from the level of my ball striking, and it was embarrassing. Every time you build a chip shot I just hope to open up and swallow me. I remember even hit me two pairs of chip shots. It was so embarrassing !!
If you are experienced to know what I mean.
Anyway, I went looking for years trying to find a solution to my short game problems. I tried to buy videos, books, go to another pro lessons. All these instructions taught me to play different shots, but they were never really addressed the cause of my problems. . . my lack of consistency and confidence.Nothing worked.
Then one day, by chance, I practice pitching when I made the surprising discovery that changed my short game around the poor, pro-almost immediately.The short game was incredible discovery!
Instead of being afraid of a short-game shots now, I trust. Instead of just trying to get the ball to the green that I wanted short game shots hole. Instead of very nervous people watch me play with my shots little game I wanted people to watch, so you can show!
The results were like night and day difference.
Only a surprising discovery, and a couple of hours of practice to nail it! And if that had happened to me, I would have thought such a reversal is possible.Therefore, my results dropped like a stone, because 60-65% of golf is played with 100 meters of the hole. And 80% of all strokes occur among players lose by 100 meters. This was certainly true for me. So, this observation was made was to buy time. I made birdies in five years. And I had a lot less pressure, because my putt to save par was short!
The same thing happens to you, because the more you hit fleas, bunkers of the earth and the higher your score will be.
But the best thing to do in this amazing discovery short game was always a consideration on my short game back at my companion. (And self-respect)Either they seemed almost duffed disgust after a short shooting game. Instead, I was asked how I turned my short game around so quickly.
Imagine how much fun you’ll have when you can hit the ball close to the pin during the reading of each short-term play.
But before you start, you must understand that the game short, no. This is a separate single game, because the game is composed of a short. . .


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