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The habit is a way to respond to the needs of our customers in the most effective and efficient manner, and interact faster and easier and, therefore, increase customer satisfaction and likelihood of repeat visits. Notification Notification (push) is defined as a system in which a user receives information automatically from a network server. You need to have the push technology, that are designed to send information and software directly on the desktop of the user without the user active. Therefore, the user has the ability to write, and actively sources of information (for example. g., news feeds, and be updated on a regular basis) and you will receive a notification of the update of these documents. Offers, task Management, workflow and portals, task management service, which allows users to participate and/or manage formally defined business processes. The workflows feature enables the automation of business processes. And then, in the context of automated workflows and business processes, the portal should encourage people to be able to the user during the execution of the tasks. E. g. The number of requests, cooperation, collaboration, and Information management applications and groupware, to ensure that the information in the right place and in the right way. This means that people can be brought into compliance with the right to Information. Groupware software that allows you to less formal instruments of cooperation for the stream. As is the case with workflow automation, groupware-solution, the value for several types of portals increase of specialist; for example: – increasing the attractiveness of business-to-consumer e-commerce portals – enables informal communication between suppliers and customers in the business-to-business, e-commerce, portals, supply Chain management, the limits also depend on the cooperation, the support of suppliers and customers, manage their relationship. In addition, the cooperation is an important condition for the information on the portals. The terms “push” and “pull”, it is now Often called, in the case where the invoice is to the online description, but that is what these words mean, in fact, it means, in this context, and what are the advantages of one over the other? “Push”, which means that the online database of the billing process is that, in General, the consumer calls or you can speak directly with the total amount of the invoice, account, statement or other document, a description of what you are buying, and what needs to be paid. So, this is what is known as the “rich” of the document. Most of the push-in the online database and billing systems, such as notifications by e-mail with attachments and files. . sh. PDF file, for example).

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