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Money Smart Teens Program Review,Money Smart Pdf Free Download,Money Smart Free Crack Download,Money Smart Teens – Everything Your Teenager Needs to Know About Money.You are a teenager who think money grows on trees? They are always trying to borrow $ 20? There are things you do not buy?It seems that they always want more and want to pay for it, right? None of this means that an apple is ‘bad’ simply means that they are a teenager.I know . . . I am also a parent of a teenager.Hello, my name is Andy Lapointe. You may not know me, but I spent 15 years of my life as a financial advisor and RIA (Registered Investment Advisor).I built my financial practice by focusing on the two areas. I was like a laser. I studied everything I could get my hands when it came to retirement planning strategies and teaching teenagers the power of money.This work has paid off and for 31 years I was deputy chairman of the regional subsidiary of a Fortune 100 company, I am responsible for the training of over 1,500 financial advisors and consultants registered investment strategies, retirement planning and years of tuition money.But all that is really important to you during the last 5 years, I conducted financial workshops how to teach children about money.

During my classes and workshops, I heard everything. . . Countless stories of frustrated parents about their children crossing the money.Understood long ago that there is no magic formula. ‘No one taught resolution immediately teenager about money and how to manage money. But hold out, I know that deep in your heart how important this issue is for them and their future success.Teens show frightening statistics and money. . .- 1 to 3 secondary use of credit cards. 50% of the students credit cards in their name.- Checking and savings accounts are only 28% of secondary schools.- Starts college next year an average college with an average balance of $ 1,585 credit card.- High school students can meet only 47% of the questions financial information.- 18 -24 People spend almost 30% of their monthly income to pay the debt.- The student was normally about $ 3,300 in credit card debtSource: JumpStart Coalition, Nellie Mae
Being a parent is hard!You have to work full-time job, kids Heat, bills and any other distraction deal fills your day! Teach your teen about the power of money is the last thing on your mind.If your guy does not learn proven strategies for money from you, they will learn?Will they learn from teachers at school? – Maybe
It will be a dealer or financial advisor to time to learn them? – No!
Will they learn from their friends? – Do not count!
At this point, you can say to yourself, ‘I only have time during the day to balance my checkbook. . . How can I get my money’s youngsters.So, what should you do?Follow a proven, simple guide, step by step to teach your teenager how to handle money!I have set up the most powerful strategies for boys to learn the power of money quickly and easily. Over the past year I have spent more than 1,000 hours to burn the candle at both ends.I compiled all the best and worked with a focus group of specially selected parents and children.Every step of the way, I received feedback on what should be included and not included in eight weeks out step by step progress. During the most informative pace of the big important money for teens.


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