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Comments and, therefore, any of the following circumstances: in the past, due to the increase in sexual and gender-based violence, which has always been associated with the Male of the Female of a bipolar disorder. Last chance to control the reproduction and growth of the human population, greater attention to recreation and other values of sex and gender. The grey area strictly between a man or a woman are becoming more and more obvious and important. The reality Between sex and crossdressing is seen and discussed more and more each day. The former ideological and religious, has also changed, and re-think. But without being completely inside of one of the two images, M or F, it is always a problem. For some internal problems, is the lack of harmony problem, and the problem, you can get the psychological, social, and family, all inolved. We are confident that most of these problems are not spiritual in their etiology, but it can promote the mental health morbity – it is already very powerful, and when a person is in a particularly vulnerable situation. Difficult to maintain employment is an important issue, as the social exclusion of people, transvestites and transsexuals. The lack of effectiveness of the health care and emotional problems, as most people dealing with gender issues. We are sure that the type of all the problems is the PERSON BEST placed to ASSESS YOUR STATE of health, but of health conditions can be there, and all you need to watch in full in the most objective way possible. It helps us to focus on the client, promote the client’s self perception, we can help the customer understand the situation and look for the signs, which allows us to estimate with precision. Together, we can develop a strategy to follow. Since 2001, we have developed an objective way to help people who need help, through web services.

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