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I am a devoted follower and student Mystery, Neil Strauss, real social dynamics, Ross Jeffries, a juggler, Mehow, Carlos Xuma, Scot McKay, Mirabelle Summers, Slade Shaw, Derek Lamont and dozens of others. . . Then with the help of their advice and information I could develop something better on their own.But first. . . Remember how I said the other, these errors do not try to seduce women?
I’ll tell you two big mistakes right now. . .Critical errors 1
They do not know what they are doing to put women off. In my personal experience and see the failures of many men out there, most guys have no idea what they are doing this simply reflects a woman, I’m a loser guy, and I’m desperate.They do not understand that kind of behavior they have unconsciously and displays a daily basis has been active in women beginsThey think they are original and smooth. . . but stop doing what every other guy did. They were all women using the same routes and procedures, which rehashed again and again. . . and they do not even know! I will show examples of incorrect practices in another. . .Now you are probably wondering. . .What makes this an attractive system stand out from the rest?The simple truth is, it’s a combination of all doctrines and philosophies of the great mystery of labor, David DeAngelo, Neil Strauss and seduction experts, put together in a way that would suit your personality.Moreover, I know what you want as a human.After receiving thousands of comments and responses from the Web. yourownwingman. com I know exactly what is the biggest obstacle for you and what needs improvement.

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