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In short, the maximum power of education and training function rooted in deliberate practice. K. Anders Ericsson found pioneer elite institution running the practices of various artists. At some point, by repeating the experiment gives a higher capacity and better results. Teachers need to design specific exercises that increase the performance gains in some areas of performance. Therefore, they need to develop their skills, if the staff of military personnel exercised NASCAR pit or elite special forces training.An important effect of the opinion is that good artists window to be great artists. The plateau is the point that gives the test results of future recurring revenue. At this point, more; Only joint efforts of training and practice deliberately produce new performance gains.That’s why so many people are eager to succeed succeed elusively away. No amount can positive thinking, goal setting, or configuration to produce the experience of taking the title of each application, which is good from the great.implies another important consequence of the view, find the need for optimal performance of discomfort. We operate in a new weight lifting in the gym or play golf new defensive basketball, we can be better and we can learn to be successful. We can not go beyond our limits, but only if we come against them. Increases performance to extend performance.So, looking at the basketball coach Bob Knight, because many of us have a burning desire to succeed, but not the player to prepare for success? At the most basic level, success requires the minority to change the basic motivation: to minimize the inconvenience to maximize the level. Most of us are connected to reduce discomfort: we eat when we are hungry, we hope that the motivation when we are bored, and the rest when we are tired. The elite athlete is bound to push the limits and the second blast of consciousness reported in Emilia go Lahti is a desirable goal in itself.

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