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growth disorders, the lazy behavior, highlight the word, changes the face, swollen skin and thick, and face a variety of neurological abnormalities were weak signals of thyroid function. By age, while more than one function (hypothyroidism) will start the symptoms can be very different. In X-ray of the skeleton and low blood properties for the diagnosis of thyroid. In most countries, the definition of birth. However, this problem can develop later.If you feel tired weak, uncertain or ridiculed because of their “short”, is in bed bottom to finally resolve the issue at the top … once marginalized by all!But let me ask you tired ..Weakness friends, colleagues or friends?Girl tires (or man) you want and do not want anyone to see drag shorter?Such as employment opportunities forget why employers do not want to hire someone with your reputation? I am confident when talking with others simply because they “feel?” NotStressed and feel miserable because you level without power options?Without respect for those around you because they are not what they say, or, worse, time for fun? Since the establishment, where you want to go, because I think it is not “normal”?He asked his life (which is quite annoying) when it comes to buying a drink or a club?Let me tell you: you are not alone.There are many people who have the same problem with a small size.As a small child, it is less likely to be considered “beautiful”.But if you are a parent, descriptive name have direct memories of the context of attacks.Once a dwarf, a dwarf, a little man, Shorty, were called Half Pint Man or size? In fact, it was not …Many people, myself included, tend to lose a member to appoint the rest of his short life.”But who I am I know?”My name is Tom and I come from a family that is not considered an average height. My mother is only 4’10 and 5’3 father. Therefore, it is natural that it would be very short.Growing up, I was always a child in the classroom. And I must admit that I liked!After a brief elementary school was a good experience. Master shame me more than anyone. What about boys happens all liabilities assumed.After he tries and small certainly has its advantages if you are a small child.Unfortunately, soon after my elementary school, they were my life took a step back.Having started high school, I quickly realized that soon … not so good any more.”Life Intimidation – simply because they do not have the amount of a few centimeters..Some people like more pain that causes harassment easily among children who can not defend themselves.I was a good guy, always looking for others, and help a good person. But this does not allow me. I was short and was bullied everyone after leaving school.When my high school years, they had to find a decent job.After two years, the station will continue to be 25 or 30 different companies and was always the same story. As my resume, employers have been very interesting for me (I had a good cycle).Unfortunately, the interest is gone as soon as I saw personally. They are dressed to answer all proper and appropriate manner that had the questions.All work in an area where the amount is insignificant.In one case a potential employer told me when he saw me pass. The truth is that place. He was surprised that I am 5’3 tall, and he did not want me, even if the newspapers that the local level of work a week later.Fortunately, I managed to find a job in one day, but it was not a problem. Salaries are not so good.However, I, and I have a lot of work for three years, until they know colleagues who paid less qualified and experienced than a few thousand. Then I came to know that I’ll stop.nutritional small size (above).Malnutrition remained constant the potential of children behind. The body is weak and fragile, and bone or muscle loss typically indicates. Malnutrition is the most common cause of failure of the world is growing, mainly due to lack of protein and other essential nutrients ions in the diet. A balanced diet can prevent or eliminate the disease.stunted intrauterine ( “RCI”) (top)A disorder that occurs when a child is in the womb. children born IUGR term abnormally low weight and / or length at birth. They are relatively short.In this situation, most often begins in utero with dwarfism children develop asymmetrical members, especially the difference in leg length. craniofacial characteristics are small and face a relatively large head, facial, ordered three corners. Back in general. fifth finger is generally very short and bent inwards so that the light is a strip of soft tissue, the second and third finger. During the first year of life hypoglycemia (blood sugar) may be vulnerable. renal abnormalities are common.disproportionate short stature (above).disproportionate dwarfism dwarfism dwarfism is commonly known as dwarfism or short legs appear short trunk. The growth rate is mainly due to slower degradation of the bone and cartilage. These guys are not usually deficient in HGH.The most common form of average growth retardation, achondroplasia is identified at birth and after the 24th week of pregnancy by ultrasound. Features include ..Delays third front so that the center of the nose bridge is relatively low or flatSeparate short excessive length of the fingers, especially in the third and fourth fingerFor more information, achondroplasia Little People of America..

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