30 Day Crash Course Voice Feminization

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I am determined to help people find their voice TG TRUE
Today, as founder and president of an exceptional voice, Inc., incorporated in 1997, I devote most of their time to help the community of transgender (TG) to change the voice. Since 2000, I have many people in the world with the TG. research and communication to the public, who developed a popular music program called the feminization of new function of two extraordinary women. The course of the accident during my 30 days and the feminization of audio training series. I had the privilege of thousands of women from various resources provided TG can be used to change the sound deeper. I am passionate about helping Europe and the presence of TG and feminization of therapeutic techniques and participate in TG at conferences around the world, including the first gold rush in Colorado Congress in the spirit of the event and transgender California Dreamin Conference Keystone Conference South IFGE comfort that everyone in the conference. When the Tg is not the recognition and educational programs of voice languages for companies and individuals and the community, such as singers, actors, broadcasters, retailers and teachers. I promise to use my experience to give a voice to people who want and deserve. If you want to make changes to your life more fulfilling votes.

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