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Natural disasters worse every year. Note the disaster of Hurricane Katrina? The wind was rain and the risk of flooding. The threats were real shortage of drinking water and food, violent gangs of looters and hungry.Think it can not happen to you?Experts say that this year could be the worst natural disasters in history. And what a crazy jihadists, hurricane, earthquake or tornado that begins the chaos, the end result is the same – a real threat to the safety of relatives and deadly.This may be a social disaster, as in the past, when people understand that the government is lying to the expected economic recovery. ‘They Fudge unemployment figures hide the truth. And not to mention, they do not always make people less in almost all regions. . . high inflation. So you make less money, and less when you do that every dollar is worth less and less.
the turning points of a strong social crisis.Soon, the pay is worth the paper it is printed, so no one wants to work more. Police, firefighters and the army, even refusing to work for free, allowing you to fend for themselves against the hungry monsters loyal to Obama angry. . . food storage.The real question is whether it is an economic disaster, which began social chaos before the energy crisis.It is true that our nation is facing an energy crisis, and I do not just mean that high gasoline prices.Likely to encounter small grid stress that we are at the moment. And it’s a big goal, the fat is in danger of terrorist attacks. In fact, on April 16, well-armed terrorists attacked a power plant in Silicon Valley to shoot.It took more than six weeks to recover. . . and does not catch terrorists. Chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission warned that what looks like in practice, and that terrorists could use the same service, but small power plants. . . and cut power to most countries. He warned that it would take months to repair.Without electricity we can not get the money in the bank. Nobody paid. crawling traffic and slow down the shelves to go naked.People panicked.
And a big thanks to the Federal President to warn us? Was forced to resign because of Obama and the liberal media could continue to pretend that all was well. . .. . . Until all hell breaks loose, and no way to feed his family.

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