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The original reason the Indian belly dancing, they began to believe that the sources of belly dancing began in the Middle east, where the company does not believe that women are equal to men and usually are separated from the men. In truth, women are not allowed to give or to dance belly dance in the presence of men and as a result the Indian belly dancing men to carry a woman belly dancing, with the goal to achieve a result, to provide the royal men. There are still many Indian belly dancing men today, and there are several around the world, but for the most part, no longer dancing to replace women dancers in the presence of män.De most gyms in north America to offer aerobics classes called belly dancing or baladi, and if you havent heard of, or that has already been created, it will fall on your head.

Belly dancing focuses mainly on the central part of the body of a woman, but there are parts of the hand and the upper part of the body, the movements make you feel as if you have had a good career, when you are finished.

You sweat, you will laugh, but, above all, you will have a great time playing dance, belly dance classes are full of women in all sectors and in all different shapes and sizes.

The origin of belly dancing

Belly dancing, called Raqs Sarqi in Arabic and Oryantal Dansi in Persian, it is likely that it originated in the Middle east, Mediterranean and Africa, and until the 4th century. C.

What you need for belly dancing

Although typical belly dancing requires a dress to the gala evening, including tying a scarf around the hips, a veil and a piece of wood, there is no reason to be any of these things for an effective workout.

Some classes will offer a box of tissues with sequins, but most do not. You can invest in themselves, or choose to learn the moves, but to see the full effect on how he sees himself.

A typical belly dance class

Belly dance classes start with a warmup to warm up the muscles. Warming consists in the realization of each phase of the same class.

Dont worry about not being flexible and having the ability to isolate certain muscles in your body. Slowly, but surely, to learn and movements to fit your body, and maybe even your business and make it.

Popular belly dance moves

The belly dancing is not easy by any means, but it is very fun and will help you understand your body much better, and learn to control and isolate certain muscles and joints.To talk about belly dancing in Japan, we need to know the history of belly dancing.
Japan is the first country in europe that has the word belly dancer. In fact, when you combine the words belly dancing Japan people look at you as if you were completely crazy.

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