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Kahi Loa is a form of healing art form of the Hawaiian islands (Kauai). In the Hawaiian language, words have different meanings. Kahi Loa can be translated as ‘sacred union with the energy’ or ‘movement or flow of life / energy. Is ‘very fluid Kahi Loa doctors to move the body and the hands of the majority of the session. ancient form of vibrational energy in motion, not to be confused with Lomilomi. Kahi Loa is done fully clothed, oil, and a form based on many relaxing and energizing contacts. Some people say that Huna teaches, Polynesia, as Kahi Loa, actually comes from the Pleiades system. Kahi Loa is easy to learn, easy and fun to do, and very affectionate.Kahi Loa help put your alignment of body and mind using the elements and nature. The practitioner helps the client to connect to various parts of the aspects of love that simulates 7 elements (fire, wind, water, stone, plants, animals and people / ancestors). Unlike other methods, Kahi Loa is associated with the story woven into the support to help the customer visualize the elements of nature. Sometimes talking about the story aloud to create a view. At other times, it can be just a word here and there to help the customer development. The meeting can also be done in silence. In contact with nature and the elements are a major focus of Kahi Loa and training, as well as donors and recipients. ancient Hawaiian prayer begins and often ends with blessings and session events. Possible (human voice) because of the vibration energy of prosperity and change. Hawaiian own language in the magic prayer (Pule Hawaii). Additional information on the background and Kahi Loa Huna Amanda here.These classes, as Amanda professionals teaching in educational institutions and created a new vibrational energy in the form of a beautiful woman with an interest in both the professional and the client. Classes incoporate some features called Huna (Hawaiian shamanism), while the main goal is to Kahi Loa. Level Master / Master examines various aspects of Huna, including integrated tools and daily private sessions to help clients change parts of Aloha. Kahi Loa can vary slightly different carrier carrier intuitive ability and the ability to grow with time. Each session is unique and individual, but always full of love and heart elements. The classes are based on the first steps to find out what your good practice ‘hidden’ and in the heart of cosmic enlightenment.
Kahi Loa In ‘Akahi..This course covers the philosophy Kahi Loa and history of Hawaii and Lemuria. Students will also learn the seven principles. Students learn pikopiko (respiratory center) and 7 Respiratory element. Students explore the link itself with 7 elements and common attributes for each element. This category is particularly important conference and personal development.

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