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Your books are fantastic!
Ruth Strong, Pennsylvania, united states of america
The illustrations are very useful and very easy to understand.
The best purchase to make when questions need to be answered about how to start a lot of sweets. Very easy to follow, and with a good knowledge of the world of work in general. Read the advantages and disadvantages of the corporation and of the board of directors. The photos are very useful and very easy to understand. Really enjoyed my first treatment, and I think that often, in cases of doubt.You are so clear at this point that you can do it, anyone can make these projects
I bought your book, because my daughter is getting married in October and we have a dessert/candy buffet and needed something unique for the tables, Ive done a search and I found your web site, and perfect love, I thought just by looking at them that I was able to do it alone, because I am a craftsman, but did not come out like yours, so I bought the book and Im So glad I did, my blankets, but it is so beautiful, I cant Really say which one is my favorite I like everything that I think about it every day and work in my flowers, to be clear on what you can do, each of these projects, I hope to be able to get some orders for these and, perhaps, find a small shop where I can put, I am retired and can always use a little bit of money.

I am trying to make candy wreaths with bowls of ice cream, ice cream, standing in the middle of the wreaths, looks fantastic, thanks again for the excellent book to correct a lot of things that I cant write, even just to go see when I need help. After having tried both models, I decided to buy your book. The instructions are very clear and precise! Very detailed, so that even beginners can follow without problems. I love the stepbystep with pictures to show not only each step but all the products required to complete each image. The book has many examples of different types of bouquets of flowers.

If you have always wanted to do bouquets of sweets, please, please, please do not hesitate to buy these books…you wont be disappointed!
Diana Lowrey, California, united states
Thank you for the easy to follow instructions.
I am a small Mom and Pop style restaurant, and I want to put something a little different. We are famous for our homemade pies and cakes, hot roast beef, sandwiches, and real food. I looked at several new ideas and cookies and candies like a natural, so I started to look at the books, and this is what I understand. I bought more than one ebook, but your is much better than the other, I was able to follow without problems, in fact, after a quick glance, I made a deck that was ok), so I went back and I studied the book and made another bouquet and was very happy. Thank you so much for the easy to follow instructions. Ill be looking for the books that you have to take. Now, when someone has a birthday, a baby, or for a special occasion, I can do a lot of flowers.
Marilyn Plum, West Virginia, united states
I did some cute Christmas arrangements and they sold like hot bread.
Hello Lana,
In the first place, I would like to thank you for the books of the bouquet of candy. They are probably the best Ive seen online. My story actually starts with 2 different crafts.

My small company to start making diaper cakes and towel cakes for different occasions. I wanted to keep my small, so I am only advertising by word of mouth in my area. The business is slow, so I went on the internet to see if there was anything I could do to make things happen. This is when I stumbled on your site. In the example of the bridges that I see to be excellent. If I am subscribed to your newsletter and started incorporating candy and treats into my diaper and towel cakes.

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