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The freedom, Power Systems, perpetuum mobile, the Power of the Zero point Energy generator of all the Conditions that more and more and more and more and more and more often in today’s Economy. We see that the Energy of the System through the web, and there is a lot of Information on this Subject, both the good and the bad. The Idea, able to generate Energy, free from oppression, the Year of the “big boys” on the Energy Market, but for now that can not be ignored, of different Sizes, with Projects, with a Current generator. There is a large Amount of Information currently available for the Production of the free Energy of the System, there are a large Number of it, of course, that is not true, but after Research on this Topic, I think that it is, in Part, on the Basis of the Facts, the Clock, and the Information about the energy Systems of zero-Energy, Energy generator, to Produce, this is clear. The most popular is the magnet generator, developed by two Men in Australia. The Machine, after which the Attraction and Repulsion of Magnets on the Inside, and I’m still at work, the Dynamics of the present twenty-four hours of the Day, after the first kick-off, a power source until the Battery. You can create a Report in twenty-four Kilowatts of Energy per Day, which is about two times more Energy than the Average of their apartment during the Day, five hundred per cent effective. If it is not the Battery, with a useful life of about five Years, and is the magnet, and this requires a little more than two hundred Years ago, (a little humor), and can again in the new energy, with the electric Current, the Unit is completely self-sufficient. There is no warm-up time and / or pollutants, and is quite compact and, with Them, and if you are living in the new House. This copy of the Process, and not have a job, and the free Energy of the system, in part or completely outside the Performance of Your Home, depending on the Size of the Generator, the Building. Because the Price of oil went up in the Sky, in the 70 ‘ s, the search for the Choice for the production of Energy, free of charge, or, at least, less. The Challenge of a new generation of Inventors, the ideals of the generation of free Energy from our Environment. I’m Close to that Goal? To help you understand who we are, and this is not the Problem with the free Energy of the system, let me tell you what I know. When it comes to the free Energy of the System, it is likely that the Result of the Production of Energy for the Devices, which produce a large Amount of Energy. This is also known as the largest Hard disk drive.

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