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The way to get good ideas is to get close to suicide. It’s like lifting weights. To raise a little more than you can handle, they get stronger.In life, when the weapon is in the lead, either to detect or die.When it cuts open, Ideas bleeding. If you’re broke and close to death, you have to start coming up with ideas.If your life is destroyed, you have to come up with ideas to rebuild.The only time I’ve had to have good ideas is when I was against the wall. My life insurance policy was like a gun to his head, ‘Come with good ideas … or your children get life insurance!’At an airport when I noticed a company that had been working for four years it was useless.Or when he sat in the dark at three o’clock in the morning in the living room of the house goes bankrupt and lose my house, my brain to find a way to die without anyone what was planned.Or when I was getting a divorce and I was alone and afraid of not making any money or have someone new. O my children hate me. O my friends would be disgusted by me.The problem is this: you are not in a panic most of the time. panic states are special and should be respected. Think of the moments of your life to remember – exactly those moments when you hit bottom and were forced to contribute ideas, to become stronger, to connect with some inner strength inside with the external force.

This is why it is important now to strengthen that connection with that idea force within you. This post is about.

Nothing ever thought of before amounted to anything – that’s why you are exactly where you are at that moment bottoming. Because all the billions of thoughts that lead right there. You can not rely on the old style of thinking more. They came, they saw, lost.You have to come up with a new way of thinking. A new way to get ideas. A new way to interact with the outside world.You are in crisis. Time to change. Time to become a machine IDEA.People know what ‘runner’s high’ is. It is when you are running for a long time, at the point of exhaustion, and then something comes along and the decision ‘second wind’.400,000 years ago people did not run during the year. They not even have shorts. Or sneakers.

400,000 years ago people have to eat and live. And whether running to catch prey, or if you are running from a lion. You’re the prey! It is necessary that the second air in both cases or dies.The same happens in the brain. When kicks a second wind in it he is about to die. Ideas, experiences, opportunities and neurochemical hidden forces and probably do not understand.But you can not get high agent unless it is already in good shape. Unless they are already able to run long distances.For this reason, it is important to follow the idea of ​​muscle at this time. If your idea of ​​muscle atrophy, then even at its lowest point have no idea.

How long does it take to this muscle to atrophy? Like any other muscle in your body: just two weeks without having any idea. Atrophied.

If you lie in bed for two weeks and do not move your legs need physical therapy to walk again.Many people need idea of ​​therapy. Not so they can come up with great ideas in this very second (though perhaps you will), but so that people can come up with ideas when needed: When your car is stuck, when your house explode when triggered his work, when your spouse them, betrays when they go bankrupt or lose a major customer, or losing a client or go bankrupt or become ill.END OF LIFE are the currency. Penniless. The money is gone until they go bankrupt. But good ideas from good shopping experience, buy better ideas, to buy a better experience, to buy more time, save your life. Financial wealth is a side effect of the idea of ​​’runner’s high’ muscle.

Whoah! That was a great introduction. Depending on where I can post this, some people will write ‘tl; dr ‘, had to look up and it means’ too long, did not read. ‘I encourage people to stop reading here and save yourself the trouble. It’s okay. I’m not mad at you. I’ll write smaller items as well. I’ll even draw cartoons.

I’ve often written about the notion muscle as part of what I call my ‘daily practice’. Every day you have to check the box on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.And I have a lot of questions about it, so I’ll try to answer them here. If you have any questions, ask in the comments and I’ll answer.Sometimes people ask, ‘just started coming up with ideas of what had been done?A: I was on the floor crying because I was broke and died alone and had no perspective so that’s why I had to.So now, 1,000 words ( ‘tl; dr ‘) The latest cheat sheet to become a machine Idea

The below it is what I do and what works for me. If you have anything to add, please add them in the comments, I need all the help I can get.

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A) What do you mean – ‘IDEA machine?

It will be like a superhero. It’s almost a guaranteed membership in the Justice League of America.

Each situation you are in, you will have plenty of ideas. Any questions that make you, you will know the answer. Each appointment is in, it will be the meeting so far of the box will be on another planet, if you are stuck on a desert highway – you will notice if you need to make money will reach 50 ideas to make money, and so on .Then I started exercising muscle idea, which was like a magic power had unleashed within me. It’s okay if you do not believe me. Or maybe you think you’re bragging. There are many times when you have no ideas. But that’s when I stop playing I will defend.Try it yourself. I’m not selling anything here. I have no reason for you to try this. I just want to share my exerience. It’s like part of your brain is opened and a steady stream of things, good and bad, falls into that country.From where? I do not think about it and I do not care. But I use it.In early 2009 he was one of those times when I desperately needed to do this. It was late in the game, either trying to find a girlfriend or I was trying to start a business or both. I was going out of business in the stock market and lose my house (until I personally saved the whole market – see my book).Every night, he would have waffles for dinner and a bottle of wine and start writing ideas down. This is before going paleo (no waffles!) And stopped drinking alcohol (five years sober!) And I was writing 10 to 20 of the most ridiculous ideas a day down.

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