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It’s time to show and sell their products and services, so that the community can try to bring it to a place that you can imagine. Many times companies are missing, is the balance of the creative personality and the logic of personality.To expand the corporate identity, and to be applied in every phase of the marketing strategy and the role of stylistic execution. Let’s consider an example. Starbucks, until recently, in fact, no marketing Department or advertising budget for themselves. Starbucks began advertising for the New York Times and the TELEVISION in the year 2009 and with a lot of attention. Once a week print would display the whole page in the irish times and somehow in the air, and soon the light for free. Originally, the company was able to promote, with success itself and its products through the word from the mouth, and struck a 25-year-old logo on every Cup to your barista-crank, indicating that even something as simple as a logo resonant deeply with your customers. But the Starbucks was to recognize that there are millions of customers willing to fifteen minutes on the line. The infamous Cup of Starbucks coffee to be quickly associated with wealth, leisure, high quality, and the inhabitants of the city. Since the first year in the University, he is the ceo of the company, I could not get enough. Starbucks for the implementation of a marketing strategy, elegant, eye-catching advertising campaigns, a man of truth “in the first line,” at the level of the business, and for the most part, to identify errors or omissions, the work you already have. All of these measures, the specifics of which he describes to the hierarchy deeply rooted in the culture, from the upper part to the lower part of the Starbucks are. And, love or hate ’em, you can’t deny that successful, even in a tight economy.What is the best price I could spend on marketing to make my business grow?” Without a doubt, this is a question I’m frequently of the owners of small businesses. Like it is a question, immediately followed by the “depends” kind of answer, however, it is really very simple, the tool is relatively inexpensive, offers a high return on investment, and, unfortunately, is not common in small businesses – ” toolbox. Is a marketing strategy. Why is it that the marketing strategy most powerful tool for the growth of the company? The simple answer is that a strong marketing strategy, in the face of current challenges, the card and the form, through which the company will grow and in the future. Responsible for the review of all the other brand, and the message, but are not limited to, the brand.

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