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Stress, stress is, in Fact, can reduce the Body’s Ability to digest Food and absorb the Nutrients. When a person is under stress (due to the stressful Environment or stress), that the Body automatically regulates the sympathetic Nervous system, in a “survival Mode”, Increased pulse rate, blood pressure and Breathing. At the same Time, the Body shuts down all biological Systems not needed for immediate survival, including Digestion, and Healing Mechanisms in the Body. In a Word, it is our state of mind directly affects our Digestion, and our Ability to heal, to learn to manage stress, it is very important for Healing. The DREAM is the Mouth to know, the Body repairs and heals while we sleep? It is true! During Sleep our Body is working hard to detoxify, Hormones to compensate and repair. If You have a poor Quality of Sleep or lack of sleep, have a great Weight in our Health. In reality he had to DIE, if we want to Sleep, give Your Body the necessary Support, and to ensure that 8 to 10 Hours of Sleep per Night. Functional Doctor, Each of us is biochemically Different and the Healing Protocol that works for me may not work for You. If the Doctor Loss the Bowel and leaky gut Syndrome, it is important for the proper functioning of the Blood test before You actually your personal Database. The work is accompanied by a functional Doctor will also help to create customized Healing Protocol specific to Your individual Needs. The healing of the Patient, the Digestive tract takes Time and Patience. He took his Time, develop, a leaky gut, and it will take Time to correct. You know that any changes you make in Access to Health and Healing. All to Celebrate the healthy and the changes that they make, and also know that the Way to most of the Mag …Step by Step! *For those looking for a Allergy anaphylactic (p. sh. Peanut), Working with a functional Doctor is necessary.

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