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A basic dental abscess (also known as periapical abscesses) occurs inside the tooth. It occurs when the nerve of the tooth is dead or dying. This kind of swelling of the tip of the tooth root. Then spread to the surrounding bone. A light bulb is caused because there is a void. A cavity is a hole in the protective layer of the tooth enamel. If you are part of the skin exposed on a dirt, it may be inflamed or infected. If the outer layer is the fall, broken or damaged (which is known as the decay is known), and enter the food, saliva and other substances from the mouth of teeth, where it should be. The body sends a signal through the nervous system (toothache) to let you know that something is wrong and you need to change your habits to focus immediately infected teeth in two directions. One of these is to limit the use of topical treatments and to help in the treatment of dental inflammation. The other way to use the tips for diet is to change the internal chemistry of the kind that allow the teeth, the capacity must be increased and heal naturally. Then you can remain on the teeth to fight, and to treat the infection.We eliminate the lifestyle unbalanced the body to heal tooth abscess to help and support the healing of abscesses with a topical treatment.Although it is possible to treat and even cure dental abscess of house conditions, in a relatively short time, I have an idea that should be taken lightly something. dental infections have shown due under or other diseases. dental infections can also aggravate existing health problems. Up to 28 diseases of the teeth or condition can be caused, including eye diseases, arthritis and inflammation of the stomach, colon, appendix, gall bladder and kidneys. (Source: Hal Huggins, without informed consent)If it is a tooth abscess and heal naturally, very good. However, you want to make sure that it is something completely healed.The modern dentistry has a theory, which is not correct. Dentists say that the bacteria that cause tooth decay and infections. Abscess through the body which causes the harmful bacteria that try to leave.I have good news and bad news for you in bacteria and tooth abscess. The bacteria do not cause dental abscess (good news). It caused the dental abscess (bad news). But the bad news is good news. Because if you make a dental abscess, then you can (carefully) uncause dental abscess. If bacteria are causing the bladder, you can not do much to heal is a choice against life we call antibiotics. (Biotic should be and the importance of the fight).

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