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Millions of thanks to you – Chantal Marandola, President of.- Marandola Artists Management, Mission Viejo.not typical -i results; Results vary according to sex, age, body type, experience of previous fitness …I love the story of Chantal – it is very gratifying to me in this way to get the “thank you” letters to the …Okay – back to how we created the name …Calculate your body is determined, Tom & simple method sexy, smart and originalHe (Jeanine) said – “Joey, you have to have some kind of name or brand as a whole, you just told me. – You have to be summed up in one word – when you finally really want to make something great out of it – . what your own books, DVDs or classes We started brainstorming, and after about 20 minutes – we call FIRMETRICS (TM) – This is perfect, because it meant a combination of all three muscles move of “underground” – and marks one of the most important physicists of each objective women should be sexy and stable.Before the closing session, Jeanine said, “You know, Joey, can not afford the percentage of 99% of women around the world to hire a personal trainer – but if you find a way to create a training manual, you want to give the convenient program to almost all women in the world – and the dramatic results that it offers. – is greater than steel rollers, and the femur in a single master “When I said that – I wonder how many lives will be transformed for women around the world – so that night I could not sleep, and I began the book describes …custom software, spotting women laser to target the most difficult problems and issues fouling areas..At first I was a mystery – because I’m trying to understand how a 16-week, $ 4,080.00 women’s exercise program to bring manual mode – photos and written instructions. [For me in particular to train women in my – my price is $ 85 for 45 minutes each – session. Leg, buttocks, hips, thighs and abdomen FIRMETRICS reform has packed 16 weeks in three sessions per week…

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