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The ignorance, the improvement of the naiveté with the simple choice to open up the eyes. The discernment necessary to be aware of the subtle differences between interacting with others and getting to know you. For example, in spite of the ingenuity welcomes truth, ignorance rejects it and stupidity misperceives it. The debate derives from the ingenuity, the exchange of information that ends when mutual understanding, but a debate founded on stupidity or ignorance becomes an argument that rarely resolves itself. We are unique in the ignorant, stupid, or naive concerning the different areas of knowledge, then there is no possibility of prejudice or the judgment is not to succumb to hypocrisy. The imbalances of its own, but the progress has been slow, which is not really a big problem, because even the small things for you when you arrive at your destination. The real concern is the corruption of the process, from the time that the address is directed towards a completely different and unintended destination. Free will can be this. Well, we have a pre-planned summary of our experiences and lessons learned from the structure in the course of our lives, the freedom that the self and the other allows the output of the best interpretation of this plan. The life experience and the Lessons learned are easy and difficult ways to learn the same lesson, and lost a life lesson that is repeated in other forms. Lessons become as painful and difficult as the skull is thick, so ignorance guarantees drastic experiences. After the conscious will to see the truth, as soon as possible, to speed and smooth the process, eliminating the need to a difficult experience when the mind is open to the most subtle nuances of the lesson. The general objective of life lessons to encourage, is that of growth, of the increase of the power of the soul. In our case, we are often emotionally charged experiences, because emotions provide a type of power that enhance or delay in delivery, we are able to do so, according to the manner in which they are used. Without this increase, it would be reluctant to transcend boundaries or exploring new lands for our motivation would be totally dependent on the old ways of being and doing.

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