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A sense of encouragement, support and remuneration.Unless the child has to go, but also comments and positive identification – the real message, there is another very nice and friendly and praised not only for its intended purpose, but they do. efforts, and even a bit at a time of change and improvement. ( ‘I like the way he was waiting for his turn,’ ‘trying to Nice, to work harder,’ ‘Good girl!) And comments as soon as possible, to strengthen self-esteem and help in comments in action .A sense of accepting mistakes and failures.
Your child needs to feel comfortable, not to destroy, when I made mistakes or not. Explain that obstacles or setbacks are a normal part of life and learning, and can not learn or benefit. Give constructive approach and support in their efforts to destroy any sense of failure, guilt or shame may have seemed to offer new hope and encouragement. Again, not to mention respect ( ‘If the ball is thrown in this way could be useful), and the negative and equipment (‘ You’re so clumsy, ‘Never do’).A sense of self-esteem of the family.
child’s self esteem is the first development within the family, and was strongly influenced by the feelings and attitudes of a family. Some of the conditions for the family to improve self-esteem. Also note that the pride of the family essential for self-esteem, and can be introduced and maintained in many ways, including participation or participation in community activities and monitor genetic ancestry or care for a family member extended family. Families have better results when members focus on strengths, to avoid excessive criticism and stay together outside the family. Parents believe and trust each other, respect for individual differences and affection to another. time to be together, or holidays, special events or just to share the fun.

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