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Now I save money for drugs and no doctor’s visit or drugs (lead), dirty, or cream, I thought that only some results. [I have lost, not only the yeast infection, I lost nearly eight kilos (16 pounds) in weight. Thanks and God Bless you! Karen Caruso, 45yrs, Brisbane, Australia (picture Hidden for privacy reasons) Karen Caruso “Terrible stomach pains-All” Dear Dr. Bakker, I went to his clinic in 2007, for holiday, for visiting with my sister in your area with terrible stomach pains and very itchy. I asked you for the sweet carbohydrates, and as the chief learned that he stop very difficult to eat sweets, cakes and candy. My health was terrible for the treatment of a number of years and all the doctors, she was still my antibiotic. Your Candida crusher program is a real pleasure and helped me within two weeks! Now I’m free from pain in the stomach, feeling in many years, many thanks for your professional help and personal engagement, I want to do it. Kate d. van oijen – Melbourne, Australia Kate d., van oijen, My name is Olivia and I live in Moscow, in new Zealand. I Candida Crusher program. He was right, because I don’t know, to explain, there is something wrong with me, but I was able to, what or why. Everything that you wrote in your article is how I feel, for decades. After he had seen the world, the t-test in which they prepared, was, without a doubt, the confirmation that I needed. Thanks for writing a great series on candida articles! Regards, Olivia, Auckland, nz Olivia “a Passionate professional for the health of the” thank you for your time and information. I’ve always said, I Feel much better, all my questions, and gives you much more information about candida and digestive problems. It is a joy (and relief!) Knowledge, in the last instance, is in touch with what is real, genuine, expert and enthusiastic about natural health ‘professional’ Lindsay, 55yrs, Wellington, nz Lindsay “Thank you for helping me to solve the problem hi Eric, Matt’s stomach,” here, I can’t thank you enough for your help in resolution of dyspepsia. I have only two weeks, and avoid food that you do not need to have, and started with the Candida-shredder-the program, and say that I have a very good feeling. My stomach no longer hurts, I have to do with energy, and my mental health almost immediately on the run, in a normal situation, and not in any depression.

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