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This chakra is responsible for relations. In a word, this chakra you can feel the compassion, empathy, and true love. When the heart chakra is open, it is an exciting relationships and great opportunities.
Stephanie Mulac explain that this chakra affects self-expression. When this chakra is completely on, the voice belongs to everyone, and you are likely to express their opinions. When out of position, you are not afraid of public speaking.This chakra is located in front and to keep his balance. In a word, this chakra is responsible for giving a sense of proportion and you can see the big picture. It also helps to make the big decisions.
It is located above the head and connects the source. . .
What is included in the activation Chakra?
Heart program is the most important guide to the activation Chakra, which is a detailed step by step manual that describes all the chakra system and how it works in all 7 Chakra.This guide explains Stephanie MULAC different chakras affect relationships and the impact of other things in your life. Ultimately, we will teach you the techniques to awaken the forces of internal energy and the use of these powers to get what you want.Chakra activation, accompanied by the rainbow Chakra sound meditation. After the release of the chakras is different breathing patterns and sounds, the voice will help you relax when you meditate.
In addition to the above, there are also two bonus books. The first bonus is a guide to the ‘seven positions that help to heal and Tune Chakra. In essence, this is a bike through the idea that yoga is not only suitable for maintaining a healthy and flexible body, but also helps to heal the chakras.

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