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I am a new fact SEOLV, only two months, but that does not mean it did not produce positive for me actually results, the past, knew that some of my keywords RANK resurrected. – Week one is so competitive, that one short period of six days, the classification is 65 to zero when I saw the article is written, among other keywords their ranks were observed in the top 10 with the keyword .. regularly, because at this level you have to admit I did not write, and I brought only products, such as once every two weeks (yes, only 4 articles on this day) – it is always amazing to see the power of SEOLV – to increase my links to your website. SEOLV .. thanks and thanks, Brad. “Hi Brad, I just wanted to get with the excellent service you may lose balance. I have written a handful of articles, and for my money the site has gone from Google jumped competitive position 411. 71 keywords average. SEOLinkVine makes task much easier to create links. “thank you and I look forward to visiting the website to climb the search results page.”It was my site languished. 2 – 3 Google as its beautiful SEOLinkVine primary competitive keyword using in recent months and last week jumped to near positions 20 and peak 6 and blocked SEOLinkVine a large network and worth it the sorrow .”Brad, I had two sites that do not exceed 3 or 4 page Google ranking is. After sending copies 2-5 and was in one of the 50%, we have the first page of Google for both sites. Number there is now a week were classified was released one! This place is less than 60 days, and the article. I have 15-20 backlinks directly to articles, and I did not pay for the first ClickBank traffic could sell. I’m excited!

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