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Not only are their housing needs are different, but their personalities are different, needs are different and, many times, the size of the bird will dictate the number of birds that are able to take care of.Yellow parrots can be found in the native region of Central America, Mexico and South America, and there are different types of subspecies among them. Twoheaded Yellow Amazon, orange winged amazon, blue fronted amazon, red theme, amazon and yellow nape amazon some of the most common types. Yellow nape parrot is known for its wonderful singing and the ability to speak and intelligent creatures, which shows the man seems to be very good. The size of the neck Yellow parrot varies from 12 cm and 15 cm, and the weight is about from 480680 time. Become an endangered species, and, in general, can be found in all regions of the South, Mexico, Costa Rica, Central America.

In the past 12 years, I have learned a LOT about these feathered friends, mostly through the school of life (or should I say bites)! I picked up hundreds of tips and tricks on how to keep happy and healthy Parrots, and if you allow me, I would like to share this knowledge with you to help you resolve any Parrot challenge you might be.

I want to share with you my passion for research, with the goal of being more healthy, more happy and more fun than the birds!

It seems a distant dream…
funny, talking Parrot?

Well, I know that the dream can not be achieved with the right information.

I mean, Im not quite sure that it was discovered that not all Parrots are like Polygon at first…

You have to deal with the pain, even the mayor of blood (bitten to death), ringing ears (those sonic screams), or simply Parrot that refuses to speak… and I dont have the slightest idea of what he is mute as a fish, bites, or screams, despite your best efforts, dont you?

I bet you didnt know you had a Parrot would be so emotionally involving, perhaps, the stress of life can be difficult, even dangerous in some cases!

Dang! Parrots can BITE!!!

In case you have not noticed, when certain types of flies, not to save in the middle… were talking about beaks that mother nature is designed to open hard nuts, or rip the wood. You dont want the edgeof the penalty, the clipper, able to move the fingers of the hands… or worse… the ears and eyes, which seemed to be the leaves and fruit for a beginner, the fear, the frustration, the Parrot…

And when your bird, if it is there, or Is already, a constant screamer?

Well, you know that it is better to have more than 16 years, the rebellious teenager at home, his dream is to be worshipped Rock Star, with his new Gibson guitar, guitar, distortion pedal, 200 watt amplifier Kenwood, trucks, and the president… the idea that…
You know its bad when your guests involuntarily spill a drink after a 80decibel Parrot scream, or when someone sits down quickly, holding their heart, for fear that he might be in cardiac arrest!

There are several species of birds, events, even in the middle of the night… talk, the great white, nightmare awake… and not only for you, for your local angry neighborhood! But Im going to stop (I hope) with your imagination… because this is not a terrible conclusion.
Im not here to talk about a Parrot, Im not trying to scare you !THE TRAGEDY! the dump misbehaving Parrot off at a pet shop site, I do not want to encourage the birdbrain the idea to create the Parrot free at the park (yes this unfortunately happens out of ignorance and desperation)…

And no, pot seeds will NOT cure your Parrot! It was just a reminder that the fun I shared to illustrate that Parrots can and will say things that are more insane, when you start talking. And, also, the fact that the Classification of exowners to be irresponsible to give cannabis seeds, it was clear that he was very well treated and well trained to be happy and cheerful of birds.

These animals can be excellent pets, if the owners are willing to spend the time and give them all the attention you want, otherwise you can get easily bored in the absence of stimuli. Therefore, it is important to maintain active training sessions for them or give them toys they can chew. Another fundamental aspect of the personality of yellow, the parrot, is that people can become very aggressive, and to show dominant behavior when they reach peak levels of sexual maturity. In these moments, the Yellow Amazon Parrots can be trained to be polite, and help to deal with these cases. This requires the ability to understand the different models that are offered by the owners of the pets, with a careful study and a good part of the research.

Yellow Amazon Parrots are also known to make noise, which can be annoying for other people, if this is not the correct format. The average life span of parrots varies between 40 and 60 years, and the probability of survival is high, too, depending on the quality of the food and nutrition available to them. A healthy diet for a parrot in yellow, consisting of fruits and vegetables, cereals that can be included in the diet. In addition, animals, which also requires physical activity, in the absence of which may be inactive and obesity.

Owners must ensure that animals do not get enough sleep, otherwise, they can be aggressive and stubborn. Some of the other behavioral characteristics that are typically exhibited by these species of parrot, which include biting, excessive habit of chewing between the cry. These patterns of behavior can be improved through the implementation of education and training in a phase of his life.

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