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If you have friends or friends is not the kind that makes you happy, what should I do? Alienate?Some research on Google, you will find tips that broad and vague that you would have no idea of how to implement it.You can also read the book of Carnegie ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People, and do not know exactly what to do today to make new friends.It ‘was a big deal for me. I spent 7-8 years to study human behavior and social psychology. I tried all the advice I could get my hands on, old books have also been translated into Austria, Amazon has ever made. Com know, no.Looking at the main factors of people make. . . trying to get out to people and try to be friends with them. . . but ignore, deny, and even make fun of other people. I started the question and got rid of some of the social discomfort my problems and I started to make some friends here and there. But first, it seemed to last forever.’A-ha! ‘The time has changed everything for me At one point, I stopped relying on technology experts, I find books and tapes. I started looking for people who have a lot of friends in the real world.I started to watch and learn about some of them. Because I’m very intimidated. Then I began to see a pattern between what I saw and what I have learned from me.When I combine the two data sources, it began to move. . . and and technology ‘street-smart. ‘. . I started to make friends quickly. I began to understand why I had to build a circle and how ordinary people for several weeks.And success especially when they had just moved in my town, and I got to know. A couple of weeks was enough for them to make more friends that I could gather up to one year.What is the key for your program?7 the process is one that does not teach you in schoolIt will rather admit that you’re a social person, what experiences you went through. You are a man, the need for social development and friends. Even more friends than you think only need to have the best sense, we call them ‘happy.When you arrive in a remote area, you should be able to get out quickly. Most of the errors of loneliness, depression and end up going around in circles for years. Loneliness can lead to a complex problem that social connection. . . but they do not feel like anything.

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