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He said, “Well, Joey – that’s why this program works – and what women need to know – there is a special name for it …” … So there – but before the famous name ‘else I want find a customer, they are saying method – his name is Chantal Marandola …I was young, “Looker” but I’m going to pot body, as I get older. However, when I made and the way I found it! See if the program I had gotten tired and soft. About the size of 11 or more and about 146-149 pounds. more or less, depending on the time of the month … my lower body was the worst. jiggly thighs rubbed and cellulite on my buttocks and the front and back of the thighs.This has me very conscious and depressed – and 45 years is not good. After a few months of the program to the point, a dress size and tight smooth curves and I love being a healthy weight! Here are my before and after pictures that show a lot of success.See how fat and bloated, I think the first two images. I always wear black loose clothing tried to cover used all my faults. I tried to hide the world itself. I hated to see – and to avoid a variety of social situations because of the way I like what I’ve seen and heard.(below) is what it looks like now, Joey! Do not swing your legs, buttocks, hips and thighs firm and toned beautiful forms disappeared wound in his chest and arms.I tried for years to get my body … when I was young, I was very sexy and desirable – I will always be men after me … I do not think I have to use or watch what I ate – but It has been years – my body slowly collapsed – and it’s all over. ..Worse than it really had a passion and spontaneity of life my love my wife – and how could I blame – me … and I realized it was time to do something. ..Now, after only two months after the Council – I brought dramatic changes – I’m amazed I own again get so many compliments from friends and family -. Everyone wants to know how I did it and simply say, Joey Atlas and Firmetrics program!You changed my life, Joey – I feel young, healthy and sexy and desirable again! I have so much energy and spirit is alive.Feel free to use my photos and information to help other women have tried many things, inspire, but he failed.

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